Select how you will be traveling, on your own or as a group, then review the steps outlined for the type of travel you will be doing.

Individual travel would include conferences, research, sabatical, recruitment, and meetings.

  • Obtain an approved Travel Authorization in the TEM System PRIOR to departure
    •  Note: Travel Authorization is required for ALL international travel before travel
  • Enroll in the mandatory CISI Insurance program
    • Note: If dependents are traveling with you, they must be enrolled in the mandatory insurance as well
  • Enroll in the US Dept of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
  • If any other employees/students/dependents/guests will be traveling with you on this trip, please notify
  • In case of emergency, we will be trying to contact you. If you have an international cell phone number and/or emergency contact in country, please provide the information to
  • If you want to research the country you are traveling to, check out the GEO website.
  • If your trip is cancelled, please notify

If you are traveling as an employee with two or more students (for no credit):

  • Contact VT Engage,
  • Complete travel authorization in the TEM System

If you are traveling as an employee with students for Study Abroad:

  • Contact Global Education Office,
  • Complete travel authorization in the TEM System

Will my activity be subject to export and sanction regulations?

  • I intend to travel outside the United States
  • I intend to ship or carry items outside the United States
  • I want to participate in an international collaboration

Any of these activities require you to contact OESRC for an export and sanctions regulations assessment. Please review the Office of Export and Secure Research Compliance website for additional information regarding other activities that may be subject to export and sanction regulations.

Refer to OESCR's guidance for International Travel at