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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you are traveling on behalf of Virginia Tech, you or a delegate are required to complete a preapproval in the Chrome River system for international travel. If you are using Virginia Tech Foundation funds and traveling on behalf of the University, you or a delegate will need to enter an Intl Travel/Risk Management expense in the Chrome River system using a state fund number. The fund number determines how the report routes through the system for approval.

  • Yes, all U.S. Citizens travelling outside the continental United States should have a valid U.S. passport, with an expiration date at least 6 months after the end of your travel dates.
  • For additional information regarding a U.S. Passport, visit U.S. Passports:

It depends upon the country and the reason for travel. Currently, the United States has visa waiver programs in place with 38 countries. If you are traveling to visa waiver countries for tourism, you will not need a visa. For travel that is not for tourism or for travel to non-visa waiver countries, consult the country specific information available on website.

  • For country specific information about immunizations, vaccinations and medications, visit
  • Check the list and visit your doctor (4-6 weeks) before your trip.
  • A minimum of two weeks prior to your departure date of travel.  If you do not have an approved preapproval at least two weeks prior to travel, you should contact the Global Education Office,
  • A preapproval will still be required to be completed in the Chrome River system
  • Virginia Tech Police Department – 540-231-6411
  • VT Global Safety & Risk Management – 540-750-5747
  • Visit
  • Click on Find International Travel Information and scroll to the area In this section
  • Select Country Information
  • The U.S. Department of State maintains travel advisories by country. There are four levels of travel advisories:
    • Level 1: Exercise normal precautions
    • Level 2: Exercise increased caution
    • Level 3: Reconsider travel
    • Level 4: Do not travel
  • For additional information, visit
  • Travel health notices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are designed to inform travelers about current health issues related to specific destinations. There are three categories of travel notices:
    • Watch Level 1, Practice Usual Precautions
    • Watch Level 2, Practice Enhanced Precautions
    • Watch Level 3, Avoid Nonessential Travel
  • For additional information, visit
  • Carry a letter from your physician that describes your medical condition(s) and any prescription medications you are taking, include the generic name of the prescribed drugs.
  • Leave your medications in their original containers and label them clearly.
  • Check with the foreign embassy of the country you are visiting to make sure your medications are permitted in that country.